Analog pbx with freepbx and dahdi card

i have analog pbx, and i have freepbx with dahdi card 4 fxo port.
all 4 fxo port is connected to analog pbx,each dahdi port had extention from analog port.
extention =
111 = analog pbx extention
112 = analog pbx extention
113 = analog pbx extention
114 = analog pbx extention

221 = sip extention
223 = sip extention

when analog pbx extention want to make calling to sip extention, they dial extention that connected to dahdi card.
at the time analog pbx dial recived by IVR or DISA.
my question is how to make dial directly.
let say
from 110 want to make call 223
so from 110 just dial 114223 >> how can make it happen

best regard

That would have to happen on the analog PBX - it would have to be told how to connect that 6-digit number to “the world”. Once you get that working, there are a couple of approaches:

  1. If 114 is always going to ring 223, you can set it up so that the 114 port on FreePBX just rings 223.
  2. You can program the analog PBX to take the six digit number and split it, then put a “wait” in between the two parts. Set the FreePBX port that connects to 114 so that it goes to a dial tone and then, after a few seconds the Analog PBX can play the rest of the dial string.
  3. Move away from the analog PBX and move everything over the FreePBX. If your analog PBX can connect to a T1, you could use a Channel Bank to connect your analog extensions to the PBX and add an E1/T1 card so that the analog phones have a route into the system.

Without a lot more details about your current setup (makes, models, extension counts, etc.) it’s going to be really hard to come up with a scheme that will really do what you are looking for.

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