Analog Paging System

We have an old analog pager system. It is used to send an alert to parents who have a child in child care. The system is analog. Currently it is accessible through our old Siemens system. This is the last strong hold of the old system. All others have been transitioned to the new FreePBX system. All are on pjsip.

We have installed a sangoma FXO/FXS card. Not sure how to assign the extension 246 to the analog card which will dial the analog system. The GUI config is asking for a chanel. Not sure where to find this information.

When the system picks up, there is beep then the user types the two digit pager number. the pager system then broadcasts an alert to that pager. If the FXO/FXS card is not appropriate for this configuration, help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You can refer this link: for more FXS/FXO Setting.

so the “channel” that the Add DAHDI extension is looking for would be the port on the DADHI configuration FXS port?