Analog doorphone with freepbx

Hello everybody !

I would like help to setup a analog doorphone connected to a cisco phone adapter SPA112.

At this point:
SPA112 is connected with extension 228 on my freepbx system.

I am not even sure that can work, there is a single button to the doorphone, when pressed it should call the ring group: 606 on my freepbx system.
SPA112 setup:

When one of the extension in the group 606 take the call, he should be able to open the door phone by pressing a tone.

Can someone help me with that? it would be very kind.



page 49

Thanks dicko for the link, so i should change dial plan in the SPA112?
Im novice with this, i don’t really understand what i should type to make it work…


In your case it would be:-


what the code to fire the door strike is door-phone specific.

Awesome dicko, you saved me !! :grinning: I have a very last question, they told me they can open door by pressing button “9” from their ip phone. Do you know how to include that in the dial plan?

Wouldn’t that be a bit of a security risk?

I guess you are right, but they need to open this door from their ip phone, i only see this way

Does the ip phone have a “9” on it’s dial? :slight_smile:

yes it’s a snom 710, only by pressing this button this should work? Depending on the door phone of course.

You should surely just try it.

It seem kinda strange, they probably configure button “9” for sending a signal, or something
I don’t understand how ip phone can interact with the opening of the door.

It dosn’t directly, the 9 is sent over the channel, the ATA sends it to the door-phone, the door-phone intercepts the 9 and fires the relay for the door strike, you do the wiring between the door-phone and the door-strike


Thanks you dicko, you saved me.
Thanks a lot !:slight_smile: