Analog Card Hardware Upgrade - Transparent?

I have an FreePBX installation (v 2.9.0) that uses a Sangoma 2FXO/2FXS analog card. I am looking at replacing the Sangoma with a Digium 4 FXO analog card. If I remove the Sangoma and install the Digium, will the FreePBX system automatically recognize the change in FXO/FXS ports, or is there additional configuration required?

Why would you replace a Sangoma card with a Digium card. Usually that it is the other way around. Sangoma cards are 100% the best cards on the market.

Admittedly, and yet, that is the situation. I have a 4 FXO Digium card in-house, and a 2 FXO Sangoma card in the machine. I need the two additional FXO ports and don’t want to roll out the cash for a Sangoma upgrade when the Digium card is already on-hand.

That said, please advise as to what needs to be done in FreePBX to swap the cards?

Not sure but it should be nothing but that all depends on how the card was setup and such.

Setup was about as basic as one can get. I plugged in the Sangoma, installed FreePBX from an .iso, configured a single trunk, single inbound route, and single outbound route, and later pulled the Sangoma to drop in the Digium. Channel is g0. Outbound route is set to zap/g0.

I didn’t know if I had to run a special CLI setup routine to reconfigure the system and recognize the new hardware. Doesn’t sound like it, which is pretty great.