Analog Call Waiting


I have freepbx ver

is there any way to control the call waiting? like answer it or send it to IVR or queue ? I just hear a beep on the phone but I cannot answer it

many thanks

Typically lines connecting to a PBX should be POTS lines without additional services such as call waiting.

You need to figure out how to send a ‘hookflash’ to the POTS line from your handset, which will depend greatly on what type of endpoint you are using and how the POTS line is interfaced with your PBX. I have never figured out how to do it.

The solutions I am familiar with take the form of avoiding the situation, one is to have your POTS provider configure the phone line to forward on busy to a VOIP DID. That is not always an option, so you may want to configure your POTS line to forward all calls to a VOIP DID which will eliminate the need of trying use the provider’s 3way calling.

thanks you gentleman’s for your clarifications.