An Open Source Journey

I’m the hidden developer that is only occasionally let out from the basement. I wanted to add that Andrew wasn’t just a great leader for the project, but I’m happy to have also long considered him a friend.

The FreePBX project is definitely losing a great asset, but Andrew’s leadership has left us in a place where I feel as though we can maintain the upward trajectory that we have had going for some time now. With Matt (who I have known and worked with for many years) now at the helm, I am entirely confident that we will continue to bring new stability and performance enhancements, as well as the new features we’ve had in the works (PHP 7.2 by next year, as Andrew suggests?).

Next time I’m Southern CA, I’ll buy the drinks, on behalf of the community. Best of luck, Andrew!


Thanks for everything Andrew. I wish you the best.

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I’ve never worked with such great people eager to teach and help out. Thanks for everything Andrew and you will be missed.

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Andrew you were a diamond in the rough. I remember spending a year convincing you to quit your gov job as a sound technician and come take a leap of faith with this crazy startup called Schmooze and you finally gave in. Wow has the time flown by. It sure was fun times. I am sure you will go on to do amazing things.


Hi Andrew,
You been a great asset of FreePBX community and your contribution to the FreePBX project is amazing. The OSS EPM has helped me in my various projects and I believe this is a time to say big thank you for all your wonderful work.
Losing all geeks here from Asterisk & FreePBX project is something more emotional to me.
we as community users who took more help and contributed little in term of development must be very very thankful to you all amazing guys.
good luck and wish you a great future ahead…

Numan Khan


Thank you Andrew for all your help over the years. You’ve solved countless problems I’ve run into. Best of Luck!

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Good luck to you, thanks for everything you’ve done for the community!

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I started with Schmoozecom April of 2012, I may or may not have thought Tony was crazy when he hired that brash guy from the forums. :rofl: But I can say it’s been a pleasure working with you the last 6-7 years, I wish you the best and sorry if as the “The Support Guy” my job was to make yours a bit more painful at times. If you ever find yourself in Texas I’m sure I owe you a drink or three.


Good luck @tm1000. I look forward to seeing whatever else you can destroy in the open source spectrum.

And before anyone gets too excited that I am slamming him, I am just referencing an inside joke between Andrew and I that has lasted about 5 years. Or am I? :man_shrugging:


@tm1000 When you joined the team I suspect that you were the youngest employee on staff, I was the oldest employee at that time, thank goodness @cosmicwombat & @plindheimer joined as employees soon after to lower my rankings a bit with their “experience” :wink:. It’s been great watching you grow into a leader of the project as well as the personal milestones you have accomplished while here.

During many of my presentations and speaking engagements about FreePBX over the years I have usually thrown in a line about being one of “the smartest kids in the room” at my previous jobs, but when I joined the team here that went out the window, for the past decade of involvement with the FreePBX Project I have had the pleasure of working with the smartest group of people I have been associated with during my career… @tm1000 I would count you in that group (as well as everyone else you tagged above… and quite a few not mentioned as well!)


Like Andrew, this project has enabled me to enjoy what I do for a living, as well as provide for my family and build some great connections to end users and businesses deploying the platforms that this FreePBX team has built. It would be interesting to hear from some community members about how this project has enabled their personal and business lives. I suspect the impact is pretty great for quite a few people on the here.

As for you Andrew, looking forward to seeing what you do next… might I suggest SAK 2.0, or maybe an Avocado Toast Food Truck?


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Um, yeah… that’s about the same time I stopped playing with writing modules for fun. Not being able to sleep at night trying to figure that stuff out was beyond my skills.


Good Luck Andrew and thanks for everything!! :slight_smile:

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Andrew, thank you for all your support. And thank you for everything you have done for the community! All the best for your future!

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DSCN0835 I remember that Astricon 2012 well. I also recall hearing Tony make an employment offer to Andrew and thinking… shit I should have learned to code :slight_smile:

There are quite a few ot us out there that owe Tony a huge debt of gratitude and his insight that put together the best team of folks I have ever worked with.

Happy trails Andrew!


Andrew’s departure brought up a lot of memories and a lot of things I want to say to him in wishing him farewell, So instead of a long post here, I just replied with a blog … kind of fun after all this time to be posting back in this great community!


Wow that’s a grow back picture. That is the one that we packed 18 drunk Digium and Schmooze guys into a Suburban for dinner. I think that is the same place I convinced @qwell to leave Digium and come work with us crazy guys.

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Thank you all, each and everyone of you for your kind words of support. I’ve cared about FreePBX like my own child and sometimes I’ve gotten defensive with most of you over a bug or feature request or the way someone is doing something, but I’m glad you were all able to see past my ‘sensibilities’ and understand that I was just trying to make FreePBX as great as it can be.


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Fare-thee-well, Andrew. Thx for all your support over the years. Hope you keep in touch - somehow; wherever you go! (Where are you going, anyway - if you don’t mind telling?!)

BTW: I can relate to being mixed up in theatre tech, too. I do sound engineering as well. I find it interesting how routing on the new digital boards somehow has me making relationships to PBX routing.
Perhaps we’ll meet at a music event somewhere.

Thanks for everything over the years Andrew!! will always be one of my heroes along with the list of others you mentioned!! you and the others made the project come alive and made it what it is today. You will be sadly missed!!