An Extension Optional Dest back to the same previous Queue hangups the caller

The call scenario wanted is as follows:
DID call to a Queue Q1106. A static agent answers the call and then blind transfers the call to an extension. The extension rings for the timeout period and Optional Destinations is set for No Answer to send the call back to the original Queue Q1106.

The problem is that when the call is sent back on the extension timeout, freepbx is hanging up on the caller, with a NoOp of “SKIPPING DEST, CALL CAME FROM Q/RG”.

Wanting to know how to overcome this problem?
Sending it to a new queue - yeh sure, but the problem is only pushed down the line and will cause call drop outs if put into the same loop again.

Further research finds this is related to Blind Transfer Call Return No Answer

So if the blind transfer destination extension has no voicemail and no followme, after the ring timeout expires, the call is hungup, by design of Freepbx… This is nuts…

Here is a work around from the Elastix days.

I know this must be a simple solution to this for the FreePBX current release.

Issue found.

The parameter Agent Restrictions was set to Extensions Only. The action was correct, albeit I would request that the pop-up help clears up the default actions like Optional Destinations in a Extension will not work.

Please close.