[Amportal-users] Testers for FreeBX/FreePBX

El dom, 04-06-2006 a las 22:51 +1000, Shane MacPhillamy escribió:

[quote] For FreeBSD the control scripts should use pgrep -f rather than
pidof, and pkill -f -9 rather than killall -9. On FreeBSD pidof is a
misc port and doesn’t appear to work the same as on Linux, and
killall seems to have trouble in finding the processes to kill. This
affects how well amportal works in controlling the stopping and
starting of asterisk and the management portal.

Cheers, Shane

Hi Shane.

you are using the amportal script to start all the components?

if so, this means you are starting asterisk as “asterisk” user?

would you share your modifications?

good luck!

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