[Amportal-users] Stewardship of the FreePBX project

[quote] Now that I’ve been handed the reigns, it’s traditional to do a bit of
prophesy, to act as a bit of a guiding star. Here’s a couple of things
that I’ve been thinking about, that may or may not ever make it into


Please look at the recent patches to support easier installation by
various distros. I am a gentoo user which uses a really neat packaging
system and have been keen to try FreePBX on my own system for a year or
so, but I can’t be bothered to work with apps which don’t play nice with
the gentoo ebuild system.

I have made a few aborted attempts to package AMP, and there are some
significant attempts at a FreePBX ebuild on the gentoo bug tracker, but
the current huge and complicated install system is holding things back

Please modularise it and make it easier for distros to set this great
little application up

Ed W

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