[Amportal-users] Stewardship of the FreePBX project

Lee Archer wrote:

[quote] I don’t understand why gentoo insist on doing everything their way. I
use gentoo and I svn co then install it. Very simple. Waste of time
the gentoo devs trying to package it, like with the Asterisk source. By
the time gentoo catches up the bus has already gone.

Just be clear that you are expressing an opinion (your opinion) - others
may view the world differently.

My request was to break out the huge install script into a more modular
form so that it’s possible to install this software using one of a
number of packaging systems (of which I care most about ebuilds). I
don’t expect the FreePBX team to write me an ebuild (I will do that myself).

I don’t see that we need to turn this into a discussion about the
relative merits of packaging systems though. For what it’s worth I have
produced ebuilds for a small number of apps and use ebuilds for most of
my live servers including most (but not all) web applications. They are
generally (but not always) useful to me to help with versioning installs
and ensuring that files end up in the right places and that upgrades go
smoothly with little downtime and automatically merged config files.
This is not a religious thing…!

I have no complaint if you don’t wish to use ebuilds - however, please
don’t try and derail my attempt to use/implement them if they are
helpful to me (it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round…)


Ed W

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