[Amportal-users] Several FXO channels on a single freePBX bo

Hi all,

The situation is that I have a channel bank connected to freePBX. The
freePBX server should serve 3 incoming lines, to 2 different groups.

group a

  • gets line 1 and line 2 for out going connections (preferring line 2
    over line 1)

  • line 2 get get into a real fax (and email pdf is possible), or ext
    400 (for example)

  • line 1 gets connected into or ext 400 (for example), maybe a ring group.

group b

  • gets line 3 for outgoing calls (always)

  • line 3 gets incoming calls into a number of this group (lets say 500).

  • line 3 should get the same treat as line 2 (email+fax).

No problem group a and b connecting to each other.

Is this kind of setup possible at all? If not possible with freePBX.
What are the schedules for those features?

  • diego

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