[Amportal-users] replace voice mail with digital receptionis


is it possible to let the voice mail box offer to dial 0, to reach the
example: someone calls in, the called person doesn’t pick up, the caller will
hear the voice mail box saying:
Hi, this is … speaking, I cannot answer right now, but you can leave a
message after the tone or press 0 to reach the operator?

another thing I want to have working is, in the defined after hours, I want to
have all voice mail box texts prepended with a “Hello, here in germany we do
not work at that time, most likely the called person will not pick up, but you
can try”, then it shall just call the person, as in the regular hours, and
then if the person is there, he can answer, if not, the voicebox can answer.

kind regards

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Look at follow me
create the IVR and use
the same exten in the exten list (loop itself)
use the “Destination if no answer” to point to IVR
I would say create the message tie it to a follow me which goes back ot a second IVR.

You should be able to hack something out

Or look at creating a custom app to handle the calls