[Amportal-users] Proper way to configure an analog phone on


I have 2 digium cards on a server and everything was fine before I added
freePBX. I have configured everything through freePBX and all is working
well except my 2 ZAP extensions. Whats is the proper way to configure a
ZAP extension. Right now I have 4 inbound ZAP lines (fxo signaling) that
work fine for incoming and outgoing (4 inbound routes and 1 trunk line
for outgoing) and I have 2 fxs signaling lines. When configuring a ZAP
extension do I use the same context as my SIP extensions
(from-internal). What about my zapata.conf what context do I use for the
2 fxs signaling lines. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Also if I want to restrict these 2 analog phones to local only do I
create a local outbound route called ‘local’ and then set my 2 fxs
signaling lines to use the ‘local’ context???


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