[Amportal-users] Pre-operator IVR to allow extensions to bee

Could background command be used to play MOH while the extension is being dialed? I have had a couple people ask about this.

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Hi Mike

If I remember properly within an IVR all the extension can be dial even if there is no menu option for them.
Also you can use the background command in extension_custom.conf (http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/index.php?page=Asterisk+cmd+Background)

On 8/14/06, M.A. Hockings <[email protected] ([email protected])> wrote:
I would like to set up an Asterisk box that does something like
immediately answer the phone with a message "You have reached some
company, our business hours are 9 to 5. If you know the extension of the
person you are wishing to reach dial it now, otherwise stay on the line
for the operator."  Then have maybe a 10 second delay before ringing the
switchboard phone (days) or going to phonemail (evenings).

In freepbx I can see how to set up an IVR that will key options to
extensions but that becomes cumbersome with more than a handful of

Is there any IVR pre-built in freePBX that can do this sort of thing or
is there some guidance that I might find on the Web.  So far my searches
have not found it but then I’m not always using the correct terminology
I find :slight_smile:


Marcel Eric
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