[Amportal-users] Pre-operator IVR to allow extensions to be

I would like to set up an Asterisk box that does something like
immediately answer the phone with a message “You have reached some
company, our business hours are 9 to 5. If you know the extension of the
person you are wishing to reach dial it now, otherwise stay on the line
for the operator.” Then have maybe a 10 second delay before ringing the
switchboard phone (days) or going to phonemail (evenings).

In freepbx I can see how to set up an IVR that will key options to
extensions but that becomes cumbersome with more than a handful of

Is there any IVR pre-built in freePBX that can do this sort of thing or
is there some guidance that I might find on the Web. So far my searches
have not found it but then I’m not always using the correct terminology
I find :slight_smile:


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You are not required to key in the extension numbers of phones, just the options, for example “0” for sales, “1” for technical support. As soon as caller enters an extension (not option), the IVR directs the caller automatically to the phone called. This function is built in the dialplan already.

You may be interested to know that caller can access the telephone directory and call the extension by name by pressing “#” key during the IVR.