[Amportal-users] IVR Bug

I am running version 2.1.1 of FreePBX if I route the incoming calls to the IVR the caller just hears ringing but asterisk shows it is playing the appropriate system recording.

If I change the inbound route to go directly to an extension it all works fine.

I upgraded to 2.2.0beta1 to see whether that fixes the problem and while there appears to be a new feature called Signal Ringing on the Inbound Routes tab to address this, enabling it does not fix the problem.
(Signal RINGING: Some devices or providers require RINGING to be sent before ANSWER. You’ll notice this happening if you can send calls directly to a phone, but if you send it to an IVR, it won’t connect the call.)

Experimenting I also discovered that this same behaviour also applies to queues.

This is a clean install of CentOS 4.3 (2.6.9-42.0.2.ELsmp) with the latest updates via yum then a manual install of zaptel 1.2.8 (using make linux26), libpri 1.2.3, asterisk 1.2.11, asterisk addons 1.2.4 and asterisk sounds 1.2.1 followed by the manual install of FreePBX 2.1.1

I would really appreciate any help on this as I am trying to replace my existing Asterisk box with this new one.

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It turned out that the cables I had were 4 wire and causing all sorts of bizarre issues.
Changing to 2 wire cables and kewlstart fixed this 100%

Did you get this problem resolved? I’ve faced this issue multiple times and have always RMA’s the FXO module.