[Amportal-users] Incoming routing and appending DTMF

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this.  I have a fax server sitting on a Windows box - it’s going to stay it has quite a few custom routes to various users, archiving, printing, etc. - it has a Fax board that is capable of handling DTMF digits to do routing in the software. 
We have an incoming T1 with 40-60 DID’s, and * running a TE210 card. 
When one of the DID’s is dialed, I need the call to be transfered to one of the ports on the fax board, through an FXS port and append DTMF digits after answer so that we can route in the server.  I found something similar for Brooktrout cards:
I’m not sure if this would be a custom-app, or if we can use custom destinations.
Thanks in advance,

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