[Amportal-users] Incoming CIDNAME Problem on a PRI T1


I’m having a strange problem on a zaptel trunk I have set up. Internally
the system is working 100% fine, and incoming and outgoing calls on the
zap trunk are working, but callerid is not behaving as it should.
Basically, the callerid name is not showing up on the phones on fresh
incoming calls. I know it’s coming over the trunk as it shows up fine in
the CDR db. Strangely, the name shows up fine if you blind transfer an
incoming call (even if you transfer it to yourself).

I’m having a little trouble tracking the source and movement of the
CIDNAME through the standard FreePBX dialplan. Is this a known/common
problem, or is there any place I can concentrate on as far as CIDNAME
being passed into the dialplan/dialparties?

Thank you,
Graham Forest
Feynman Group

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