[Amportal-users] Inbound Route to Outbound Route

I’d like to receive a call on an inbound route, then send the call to
another Asterisk server.

In plain old Asterisk it would be something like:

exten => 13115552368,1,Dial(SIP/servername/${EXTEN})

So I did it in a custom context, and I set up the line in the custom choice
on the inbound route.

Is there any way that didn’t require a custom context? I’d like to be able
to create an outbound route (for example) and send from inbound to outbound.

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A doddle when you know how :slight_smile:

In the IAX Trunk definition, under Incoming Settings, set:-

In extensions_custom.conf, add:-
exten => _X.,1,Dial(zap/g1/1840${EXTEN})

ISTR Rob Thomas has said that a trunk destination is on the wishlist - YES PLEASE :smiley:

Also for the wishlist, could Inbound Routes have a field for the source trunk? They already have zaptel channel, IMO it would be better to define the trunk here


I have a similar question, maybe if we both ask someone will answer :wink:

I want to force all calls coming in on a specific IAX2 trunk to be sent on to an outbound zaptel (pstn) interface, forcing a carrier prefix (i.e. a simple IAX-PSTN gateway)

Under * I just had a unique incoming context for each trunk, e.g.
exten => _X.,1,Dial(zap/g1/1840${EXTEN})

How best to do this in freepbx?

Is it time for me to learn about custom config files?


Answering myself…

Just found this

Am I on the right track?