[Amportal-users] IAX trunk behing NAT with dynamic IP


Ok, I got a working setup where the * server having the telephony card
has a fixed internet IP address (serverA). I am using an IAX trunk from
this server to an other one which has a dynamic IP address and is behind
a NAT firewall (serverB).

Everything works fine untill serverB internet IP address changes. My
host line is set to a dynamic DNS entry (with zoneedit.com)

How can I resolve this so that serverA “see” the IP address change of
serverB ?

Andre Courchesne - Consultant

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Hi must be your setup, as this has worked for me for LONG time…

How are you keeping the DDNS updated software cleint or hardware (Router have DDNS)

If it is a client make sure it is checking for changes all the time (but then you may get kicked by Ddns provider for to many hits)

router works better… for the freebies

I use dyndns.com I have a domain with them just for PBX’s so I can use a software client and have it check every ten mins if I choose with fear of blocking by dyndns (cost 20.00 a yr for Unlimted zone entries)…

Hi, This post is already old but I am encountering the same issues with dynamic ip. The ddns client is working fine, each time the ip change the ddns name when I ping gives a different ip address and gets a response. But the IAX trunk with host=dyndns-ip.org doesn’t. It seems that it stores the old ip address and I notice that the status is Unreachable. It seems that the old ip address is still there in the HOST column and doesn’t refresh and get the new ip address. Is there an option for this to be added in the config file? Does anyone solve this kind of issue?