[Amportal-users] hundreds of defunct dialparties.agi and rec

Very fine,

I would like to explain how I did my tests, since IMHO there is no much
documentation about this subject on the net.

What I did was, putting this mini script into a cron file which was run
every hour:

SIZES=ps fuax | grep asterisk | grep -v grep | awk '{printf("%d %d\n", $5,$6); }'
echo " date: $SIZES, calls " >> /tmp/mylog
generate 60 calls which simply plays a 1 hour file (using 60 call files)

With this scenario you will have a constant load of 60 calls on your
box. After 7-10 hours, you should generate a graph (time vs rss), and
you will see a constant increase in memory usage by the asterisk
process. I also measured the SIP calls (using asterisk -rx ‘sip show
channels’ and some awk).

If you have a better idea how to implement this test, I will be glad to
hear it and learn.

Andre Courchesne wrote:

[quote]I will do the same and my tests will start on Monday afternoon.


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