[Amportal-users] french voice

Check in the subversion of asterisk in the trunk, there are some Quebec
recorded prompts for Asterisk.

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Mathias HOUNGBO wrote:

[quote] Morning every one

where can i found french voice sound for freepx ?

Mathias HOUNGBO [email protected] http://mathias.houngbo.net 14:21
comment elles sont nommées les partoches UDma avant
lilo ? /dev/hda /dev/hdb pleeeaassseeeee !! 14:24 14:21 ??? tu prends
quoi PDF putain ca doit dechirer grave !!!

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We have a set of pre-recorded prompts in French.

Check them out at http://www.westany.com/french there are some samples that you can listen to on the page.

We have a bunch of other languages including Spanish, German and Italian.

Hope it helps.