[Amportal-users] FreePBX Zap Trunk config question

Here we have two lines, on a PSTN line connected to a Zaptel card and
the other a VOIP line. Initially I configured them as two trunks, one
for VOIP and one for the Zap channel. For each I configured their own
inbound route “voip-number DID / any CID” and “Zap Chanel 1-1” and
pointed them to a common ring group. With this config I found that an
incoming call on the Zap (PSTN) line would get the "not in service"
answer. To get around this I defined an additional "any DID / any CID"
incoming route and it all works as desired.

Why is the “any DID / any CID” route needed to make the Zap line work,
it just seems incorrect somehow.


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