[Amportal-users] FreePBX with Skinny/SCCP

Hi list!

Is anyone using SCCP / Skinny phones with FreePBX. Currently I have a
regular asterisk install as my home PBX but I have about 5 wireless DECT
phones that use Skinny and an equal number of SIP phones.

Is there any way to get the SCCP phones working with FreePBX without
doing lots and lots of customizations on FreePBX?


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I have 4 CISCO 7910 phones. I have got one of them working using skinny but I can only call other local extentions. Cannot dial ring groups or conference. Cannot dial 9 to access ZAP trunk nor can I dial extentions on another TrixBox tied with AIX trunk. My SIP phones all work great. I don’t know if this applies to this tread but any help would be apreciated and I offer any info I have… which is next to nothing.