[Amportal-users] freePBX and WaitForDigits [SOLVED]

Carsten Maass wrote:

[quote] I recently switched from zaphfc to mISDN, just to find out that
overlapdial for outgoing SIP-calls doesn’t work anymore. I searched
Google and found out, that I have to use the WaitForDigits application,
which comes with the install-misdn-mqueue.tar.gz tarball from Beronet.
The downfall of this solution seems to be, that I have to insert it into
my extension.conf by hand.

So here comes my question: Is it possible to use the WaitForDigits
application within freePBX without editing the extension.conf by hand?
Just for the archives i reply to myself.

I solved this problem by adding the following lines to

; Workaround for overlap dialing
exten => _X.,1,WaitForDigits(4000)
exten => _X.,n,GoTo(from-internal-additional,${EXTEN},1)

Have fun,

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