[Amportal-users] FreePBX 2.1 beta2

Dear All,

FreePBX 2.1 beta2 is now available:


This release includes a number of fixes, as well as re-write of the module

Please post any bugs to the ticket tracker on http://www.freepbx.org


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OK still broken…
the last two updates kill the extension
the only extensions which work are the ones created outside of freepbx.

If you folks would like it I can setup a virtual machine Of Centos 4.2 fresh with patchs with a fresh asterisk install and give you total access

Well maybe I am really confused here.

I have a system I AM SURE I applied the beta2 release to but the login admin page still shows beta 1

I think maybe I was in wrong system the wrong system to upgrade (now have six system running in different stages of amp / freepbx to track do the issues.)

The system which was broken (it is the LIVE system) had some updates to some modules I applied those and the extensions created by using the FREEEPBX / AMP Gui are now working. I did nothing to fix it only applied the updates.

But the inbounds calls are still going to the wrong extension(s)

What are the fixes so I can test it?


OK I just did the SVN update to beta3

And still have problems with IAX2 devices and the inbound calls

I was making changes which showed in FreePBX to be what I wanted …but the logs and phones would prove otherwise.

Then I added an ext and voicemail and BAM changes took place
now going over the dail plan…

beta 3 much better than 1 or 2

update fix bunch stuff