[Amportal-users] freePBX 2.1.1 Released

I just finished uploading it to SourceForge. No major bugfixes, just a
couple of minor niggly ones.

  • Clean up harmless warnings in recordingcheck (r1927 and r1940)
  • SIP Anonymous wasn’t working when language was not set to ‘en’ (r1932)
  • Fixed unfortunate loop when more than 10 trunks defined (r1942)
  • Voicemail changes weren’t immediately visible (r1945)
  • Various fixes to clean up parser errors in extensions.conf, and
    rewrite of a couple of macros (r1949, r1950, r1953, r1957)
  • Various minor text cleanups (r1960, r1962)
  • Show fatal error message when cannot read /etc/amportal.conf file
  • Add simple script for A@H users to restore their non-standard modules


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