[Amportal-users] FREE DOWNLOAD - PRI / T1 Circuit monitoring

I have release my routines for PRI / T1 circuit monitoring. You, your client
or anyone can be notified by phone, beeper, email or txtmsg that your
circuit is down. If Asterisk crashes due to an oscillating circuit (as I
have found it sometimes does), sendmail is usually intact and email
notification and txt messages will usually get through. If the client has
backup lines, and Asterisk remains up, calls can be made supplying all the
information necessary to initiate a support call to the carrier, including
pre dialing the support company for you or the client.

These routines depend on a cron job checking the PRI status in Asterisk’s
database. If the database is not available, a down condition is executed.
Since the database in Asterisk is used, simple modification of these
routines will allow you to monitor any device and execute any type of notice
you require (memory low, heavy usage…)

I have not created my final web site, but rather put together a quick one
which will contain more free Asterisk software and tips as time permits.


Paul Norris
Silicon Valley Products, Corp.

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