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El lun, 10-07-2006 a las 09:09 +0200, Vicente Aguilar escribió:

[quote] Everything is working perfectly so far except for one detail: after
making changes to any extension via FreePBX, like say adding or removing
"follow me" settings, changing the channel for an extension, activating
or deactivating voicemail, etc., ALL external incoming calls to ANY
extension (not just the modified ones) fail with an “extension
unavailable” voice message and a “No DID or CID Match” on the logs. All
internal calls keep working, only the external ones fail. Seems like if
the DIDs are somehow lost after a change.
The cause seems to be that a mere “reload” doesn’t re-read correctly all
the #inlcude’d config files, like extensios_additional where the DID
contexts are. On the other hand, a “restart” does work.

Have tried to, in footer.php row 82, change:

$astman->send_request(‘Command’, array(‘Command’=>‘reload’));


$astman->send_request(‘Command’, array(‘Command’=>‘restart when

The problem with this fix is that, if Asterisk can’t restart itself in
that precise moment and delays the restart for some minutes, the HTTP
session hangs and all the application (I mean, FreePBX) stops being
responsive until then: minutes, hours… until Asterisk has no call
activity at all.

Second take: also in footer.php, remove all the code referring to
AGI_AsteriskManager and $astman (rows 73-86) and instead of that just do

system(“touch /var/run/asterisk/restart”);

And then run something like this from cron every minute:


if [ -f /var/run/asterisk/restart ]
echo "Restarting Asterisk*"
asterisk -r -x "restart when convenient"
killall op_server.pl
rm -f /var/run/asterisk/restart

Somewhat kludgey, I know. Dirty? Yeah, sure. But WorksForMe™.

Of course, this solution has one drawback: the changes aren’t applied
immediately, but as Asterisk sees fit. But it works. I mean, no incoming
call is bounced with the “extension unavailable/no DID or CID match”.


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