[Amportal-users] Extension being the phone number

I have noticed that I am unable to use a full US phone number as an extension (10 chars) have have calls placed from that extension come BACK into the same PBX (using a Cisco gateway)
Calls to any number OUTSIDE the same asterisk box the call originated on works.  I can receive calls all day long however calls placed that will then come back to the same Asterisk box fail.
If I use 9 or less numbers the calls placed out, that go to the Cisco then come back to the same PBX, work fine. 
Now if I manually edit the sip_additional.conf file and set the callerid= field to device instead of device the calls out and back in work!!!
I have tested on AMP 1.10.010 and FreePBX 2.1.1
Has anyone else seen this?
Example of entry in sip_additional.conf that fails:
[email protected]
xxxxxx6531/xxxxxx6531    D   N      63331    OK (54 ms)
Outbound call placed to 18005551212 out the Cisco 3660 gateway completes:
    – Executing Dial(“SIP/xxxxxx6531-b7a06178”, “SIP/IPSA/18005551212”) in new stack
    – Called IPSA/18005551212
    – SIP/IPSA-09fd6478 is making progress passing it to SIP/xxxxxx6531-b7a06178
    – SIP/IPSA-09fd6478 answered SIP/xxxxxx6531-b7a06178
    – Attempting native bridge of SIP/xxxxxx6531-b7a06178 and SIP/IPSA-09fd6478
And I hear the call just fine
The Cisco logs (not included here) show it successful as well
Now let’s say I want to call BACK into a number that’s on this PBX
    – Executing Dial(“SIP/xxxxxx6531-b7a2bd28”, “SIP/IPSA/xxxxxx2000”) in new stack
    – Called IPSA/xxxxxx2000  
 – SIP/IPSA-09f9e528 is making progress passing it to SIP/xxxxxx6531-b7a2bd28
Endless ringing at this point
Cisco shows it keeps trying to send the call back and I see similar messages repeating, DisconnectCause 2F (No resource)
Aug 29 13:18:21.518: %VOIPAAA-5-VOIP_CALL_HISTORY: CallLegType 2, ConnectionId AD6B6AC7 369711DB A82B0002 B9905830, SetupTime .09:18:21.508 EDT Tue Aug 29 2006, PeerAddress xxxxxx2000, PeerSubAddress , DisconnectCause 2F  , DisconnectText no resource (47), ConnectTime .09:18:21.518 EDT Tue Aug 29 2006, DisconnectTime .09:18:21.518 EDT Tue Aug 29 2006, CallOrigin 1, ChargedUnits 0, InfoType 2, TransmitPackets 0, TransmitBytes 0, ReceivePackets 0, ReceiveBytes 0
.Aug 29 13:18:21.522: ISDN Se1/0:23 Q931: Applying typeplan for sw-type 0xD is 0x2 0x1, Calling num xxxxxx6531
.Aug 29 13:18:21.522: ISDN Se1/0:23 Q931: Applying typeplan for sw-type 0xD is 0x2 0x1, Called num xxxxxx2000
.Aug 29 13:18:21.522: ISDN Se1/0:23 Q931: TX -> SETUP pd = 8  callref = 0x4916

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