[Amportal-users] Correct Context for SIP and "pstn&quot


In FreePBX, in what context would one put a set of extensions that I’d
like to be accessible from SIP phones based on the FreePBX and from a
Definity ProLogix connected via a crossover T1 connection? It seems I
can only get the SIP phones to see my custom extensions (for logging in
and pausing). I can only get the Definity phones to see the extensions
if I change the trunk context to “from-internal”. However that breaks
the operation of “Inbound Routes”. What’s the right way to do this?

The gory details:

I have a Asterisk 1.4 machine running FreePBX 2.2.1. The Asterisk is
connected via a crossover T1 cable to a Definity ProLogix and the
Definity connects to the PSTN. Here’s what I’d like to happen:

Customer calls toll free number which turns into a DNIS digits and ends
up at the Definity (done)
Definity changes DNIS and forwards it to FreePBX queue (done)
Create extensions that function as queue login for the purpose of
logging in QueueMetrics (done)
I’d like to host both Definity and SIP clients on my FreePBX Queues.

When a Definity phone tries to get to my custom extensions, on the
console, they get:

– Extension ‘5505’ in context ‘from-pstn’ from ‘257’ does not exist.
Rejecting call on channel 0/19, span 1

Where 5505 is my custom extension and 257 is the Definity phone calling


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