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I currently have a FreePBX running perfectly fine. I want to create an
extension for a remote user, but I do not want them to be able to use my
current dial plans, extensions etc… basically I want this extension to have
their own context and dial plans… I look forward to direction and

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copy your from-internel and leave out the outbound trunks to a new context…

go into your outbound routes and make sure your dial rules go to the trunks you want them to…

Now…have a look @ extensions_additional.conf and go down the the outrt-XXX-XXXXXX contexts…make note of the one(s) you want to use

THen go into extensions_custom.conf

create a context called [internal-only]
then cut and paste the from internal section…without the
include => outbound-allroutes

then create a new context called
include => internal-only
include => outrt-XXX-whatever it is called
include => outrt- XXY-another route

then go into freepbx, edit the extension to use the context you have just created