[Amportal-users] Checking voicemail in ARI

Thanks. I thought it was just me and I was going nuts.

Peter Rofner
Tomato Pi

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Yes, this is a bug. I will put a patch in shorthly.


On 6/14/06, tomatopi [email protected] wrote:

[quote] I have a strange issue with ARI when I try to check voicemail.

I have somewhat narrowed it down, but don’t know exactly. It appears
[/quote]the url to the voicemail is encoded and then gets decoded to be played
back which would prevent security attacks. My problem seems to be that
sometimes the encryption string gets “+” signs replaced with spaces and
then the URL doesn’t get decoded properly and I end up with a “File Not
Found” error and can’t get my voicemails. Often if I hit refresh enough
times, I can get my voicemail once the encoded string doesn’t contain a

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