[Amportal-users] Cannot add outbound routes / suphp

Hi All,
I have recently upgraded to freepbx 2.1.1, and after the few teething problems, the only main problem I have is with adding outbound routes.
I had one route to an IAX trunk. I tried to add another dial pattern, submitted changes, could see the pattern there once I had saved it. Clicked on the route from the list again, and the changes had not been saved.
Tried deleting the route, that worked.
Yet now when I try to re-add a route, it won’t save.
Anyone have any ideas?
On another note, I’m using the Debian apache2-mod-suphp module to suexec the freepbx admin pages. Whenever I do a amportal restart or amportal start, the scripts’ permissions get changed… and I have to come along and chmod –Rv 755 all the admin pages… only mode that seems to work.
Does anyone else use this and have it working properly?

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