[Amportal-users] Calls not hanging up

I have a problem with calls not hanging up if for some reason the
physical phone dies or gets unplugged

I can demonstrate this in practice by making a call from a handset, then
unplugging the handset from the power. The call remains active and
asterisk never seems to disconnect it.

More annoyingly when power is re-applied the handset comes back to life,
won’t receive incoming calls (because asterisk thinks it’s busy), but
likewise the handset itself doesn’t think it’s in a call so it can’t
retrieve the call or do a proper hangup.

I have no NAT in place and the handsets are all set to register/login
and “qualify=yes” set (which I had hoped would sort this…)

The handsets are SNOM 360s but I don’t think this is directly relevant

Can someone please suggest a way to ensure that the calls get hungup -
we had a 9 hour call earlier before someone noticed… It’s rare, but
the consequences are potentially quite dire.


Ed W

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