[Amportal-users] Call filters

One of the features my current VoIP provider, VoicePulse, has that
makes it difficult to cut the cord and run my own asterisk box full-
time is their call filters.

It could be improved by sorting the results and providing a memo
field to tell you what the phone number is or why it’s being filtered
but otherwise it’s very handy.

Currently, you can select a line(s), and then decide whether to
Always busy, Always Forward, Always ring (overrides Do Not Disturb),
Always voicemail, Hunt Group, Not in Service or send the call to
Rejection Hotline.

I’ve found this feature set to greatly simplify my life with a return
to undisturbed dinners and eliminating wrong numbers in the middle of
the night.

Curiously, I’ve yet to find a mention of blacklists, call filters, or
whitelists in forums or mail lists other than a submission to the
project by Dan Stroot at
http://www.thestroots.com/blog_images/blacklist/blacklist1_01.zip .

It now has to be converted to a module and adds a number to a
blacklist in MySQL by using the phone’s key pad.

Is there any other work being done in this direction?


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