[Amportal-users] AMP over Asterisk Business Edition, some di

I am trying to support an installation of AMP installed over Asterisk
Business Edition.

The version of AMP is 1.10.010
The version of ABE is ABE-A.2-1.

All of the files and the database seem to have been installed okay.
And, in order to make a new
extension active, it has to be created in the AMP web interface.

However, if I make a change, such as a change in the user name, or the
voicemail password,
that change does not appear. I can make the change by hand, but worry
about the consequences
of this mixed use approach.

So, the questions are:

  1. Is this a known problem for which there is a know fix?

  2. If not, how do I go about diagnosing this further?

  3. Should I attempt a re-installation (after perserving the current
    state of affairs)?

For what its worth, we confirmed compatibility with ABE before the
installation with Digium.

Hoping this reaches the appropriate eyes,

Patrick W. Foster
[email protected]

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