Amportal restart hanging on shutting down asterisk

Hi all,

I’m having some trouble with this issue, and its bothering me immensely.

I just noticed this issue and I believe it started occuring after the most recent update-fixes.

This issue occurs when i run amportal restart, the system hangs at waiting for asterisk to stop gracefully. Then after 2-3 minutes I just press CTRL+C and it force stops asterisk and restarts it successfully.

I am running PIAF green-32bit with FOP2.
(asterisk 11, FPBX rc11)

I’m not getting any errors presented to me and I am sort of stuck on this.

System seems to work perfectly with the exception of this issue.

any suggestions or help appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

centos 6.4 x64
asterisk 11.3

amportal restart hangs with last item == Unregistered custom function JABBER_RECEIVE and then starts the timer

core stop now from the cli with the timer running comes back with “Ignoring asterisk shutdown request, already in progress.”

cancelling the timer with a ctrl-c still leaves something hung up as core stop now still returns “Ignoring asterisk shutdown request, already in progress.”

however if res_jabber is unloaded prior to issuing amportal restart everything works as expected - not sure if you are using this module but in my case it seems to be the hangup