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Hi Rob,

How does SugarCRM do it they seem to have come up with an automatic
updating system and a method for installing modules that works really
well, since it is partially open source is there something that might be
usable with Asterisk and FreePBX?? In the short term I need to get
something working whether I have an automated or manual system for
install or not. I do not want to touch the base software I just want to
hook into it. The time conditions module seems like a good starting
point but there really is no good examples of taking input from a user
(who has dialed an extension and listened to a prompt) and then
populating a DB with that data, I want to do this without damaging
FreePBX code or Asterisk code. If I have to make mods with each revision
of Asterisk so be it (even the modules with SugarCRM need minor tunning
from version to version sometimes). Any suggestions or sources of more
examples would be greatly appreciated.


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