[Amportal-devel] Progressing to multiple server support

Hey gang,

I run the Asterisk setup for a medium-size company (6 offices
nationally). Each office has or will have a FreePBX-based Asterisk box.
At the moment, there are some awesome new modules coming out for
FreePBX, but they currently require reconfiguration for every server.

I believe that FreePBX could be easily extended to support multiple
servers, especially when using MySQL Cluster. Essentially, we add a
server table to FreePBX and each item that is server-specific gets
linked to an entry in the Server table. Then, you can either specify the
server in the amportal.conf file (so that the .conf generation scripts
pick the right information from the DB) or even link it to IP address,
so it happens automagically.

Additionally, information that is network-wide (phonebooks) or that can
be reused (voice prompts, IVRs, misc destinations) can now also be
shared across multiple boxes quickly and easily. CDR information can be
centralised across your entire organisation (with a single, replicated
CDR table).

Anyway, that’s my thought for the day as I start configuration on the
fifth and sixth boxes. :slight_smile:


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