[Amportal-devel] mISDN and freepbx


i’m christian developer of chan_misdn. I’d love to see chan_misdn beeing
supported natively by freepbx. Therefore we’ve submitted a patch to the
freepbx trac (#1565).

Unfortunately until now, nobody has commented anything on this feature
request, is there anything i can do to encourage the freepbx developers
to add our patch to the current freepbx trunk?



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When the patch http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/1565 will be added to FreePBX main distribution?

Many people mainly in Europe use ISDN concrectly mISDN (chan_misdn), I believe many people wish the patch be built-in in FreePBX.



Please review the notes about the patch and you’ll see it’s status. It is currently slated for a FreePBX 3.0 release. There was a set of updates back in October 08 that clearly state that they need testing. If you installed them, please provide feed back otherwise it will just sit there and be considered untested. When there have been a number of testers who have responded saying it works and/orfind bugs that then get addressed it will then become a part of the release.

But at this time it is considered just a offer of code by one person and there needs to be much more testing before it can be moved into into a release.

Greetings …

I would like to say that, the above patch, with line corrections, seems to work fine. Going to put it through it’s pacers next week, but so far, very good.



ISDN is just so much better than POTS + CID that I find it sad that it receives little prime focus from many Asterisk development teams.

After 27 months it may finally become an active module for FreePBX? Great! Thankyou!!! No sarcasm intended here either!

  • David


How can i contact you? I’m having problems with the mISDN module, i think it could be that i have php5, and php4 is required? Maybe what i’m saying is stupid…

Thanks again.


Greetings …

Sorry to hear that it’s not working for you … Not sure how I can help, only can give you details about what I did, and hope that helps …

We running CentOS 5.3 i386, plus the using the AsteriskNow yum repo … Asterisk 1.6 and FreePBX 2.5.1 and updates … Using this with USB Duxbury ISDN TA modems, four of them … Seems to be working very nice!!!

Downloaded the modules and installed. If I remember corrctly, the modules showed up after I applied and restarted. Then I took the patch and matched begining code and added extra code in that need to route the trunks … I think that is what it’s call.

You can send e-mail to my username at leenx dot org … I think can try and help you … But only if you post your good results back on the forum … :sunglasses:


P.S. Running php 5.1 on CentOS, so I don’t think that is your problem.

I have to totally agree!!!

This seems to be the least expensive choice for us at the moment for lines, functions and fun!!!