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Hi all,

I am trying to upload freePBX into Debian. The last effort was refused
because libasteriskperl contains no license. This was the original
reason for the porting dialparties.agi into php. That is now over, and
we managed to fix some issues on the new version.

I am trying again now, but again I am getting into licensing issues. The
CDR code is based on JPgraph which is QPL. The main difference between
QPL and GPL is that QPL forces you to distributes the source of the
application with the binaries (with GPL you can just give a link to
where to download the source). IMHO this is not a problem for us, since
the CDR is been run inside an iframe, and it uses no code from freePBX
(how about the opposite? I am quite sure it does not). That means that
the new restriction is not a restriction in our case. The only concern,
about linking, is not valid on our case.

However… the code of CDR does not mention any license. No license at
all, and thus it cannot be considered free software. I will try to
contact the author and ask him about this issue.

The packages of freePBX which will be uploaded to Debian will not depend
on the CDR code, which means you will get free software alone. If the
Debian guys don’t like the distribution of the source, I will repackage
freePBX 2.0.1 source and remove the CDR code at all.

What is the point of view of the freePBX community on this subject? What
other alternatives are to this application?

If we managed to move from comedian mail to ARI (thanks Dan!), I don’t
see a reason for us to do the same with the CDR stuff. Even op-panel is
starting to use DHTML code instead flash, so it seems that in the not so
far future we can all enjoy a completely free (as RMS defines it) freePBX.

  • diego

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