[Amportal-devel] Change to conf file creation scripts


A week or so ago I posted a feature request on the bug list but wanted to see if what I was asking for would be supported by the developers. If I am posting in the incorrect place, please let me know.

The other day I was working on setting up a development asterisk system and a production asterisk system. I only have one MySQL server and ran into an issue when setting the two systems up. It seems that the database names used in the creation of the config files are hard coded into the perl scripts. Would it make sense to add a variable in the ampportal.conf file to be able to set the database name?

For instance, the normal database name for the call detail records is asteriskcdrdb and the database for the realtime is asterisk. I was needing to create a separate set of databases for development purposes and wanted to use asteriskcdr_dev and asterisk_dev. But the database names are hardcoded into the perl scripts and I am not sure where else as I have not had time to look at all the code.

Would it be reasonable to ask to have this changed for furture versions?? Maybe 2.1??

Robert Webb

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