[Amportal-devel] API documentation

I’ve started to put some effort into API documentation… I’ve been
playing catch-up with a lot of this as I’ve been getting more into it
after being inactive for a couple months, so I’ve had to go through the
frustration of trying to learn everything by looking around at other code.

The basis of this documentation is at
http://freepbx.org/trac/wiki/ApiDocs. Please add to it as you work on
stuff or notice something missing!

I know it sucks, but documentation is a HUGE part of any project,
especially for getting new people into development and writing modules,
etc. It’s in a wiki, so it’s about the easiest possible way there is to
edit. If everyone just browses through and adds a tiny little bit to it,
and continues to do this as they add new features then in short time we
should have some very good docs. I’ve been trying to name all the pages
starting with “Api” (eg, ApiWhatever), and putting the titles as:

= [wiki:ApiDocs FreePBX API]: Whatever =

so there’s always a link back to the main docs page.

I’ve done a few so far, ApiGuiElements is most notably lacking… and
thats the one I personally really want cuz I haven’t figured it all out
yet! :slight_smile:

ttyl, greg

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