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On Tue, 30 May 2006, Rob Thomas wrote:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

[quote] x Bittorrent module distribution - with every machine automatically
updating its modules as they’re released (cron job, rss feed?)
I like the idea of auto updates, but would prefer something in yum style
or similar. I would not, ever, dare to install someting like bittorrent on
a production pbx. I need the bandwith and low latency for my calls. I have
other boxes where I don’t care if upto 100% bandwith is consumed, but not
my production voip boxes!

[quote] x ‘Themes’ of freePBX - Call Center, Home, Small Office, [email protected], etc. Each
picks a standard set of modules that are installed.
x A ‘release early, release often’ style. I’d like to get a new release
out at least every couple of weeks, and I’d really like to be able to do
online core updates too - but that brings in a whole pile of dangers

I’m just about to do my first release - 2.1.1, which will, hopefully, be
the first of many.
Great news! I was really afraid to update from 2.0.1 to 2.1 because of
some of the problems reported on the list (internal SIP extensions
unreachable, all configurations gone, mysql probs) etc.

Thanks for your work and efforts in this project!


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