Amportal a ma installall failed to finish


I’m installing freepbx 2.11 on centos 7, using the instructions in
because it’s the closest thing available

Im unable to finish the Install process because ‘amportal a ma installall’ returns an error due to ‘missing required module: manager’ . I reviewed the steps in the installation instructions and there is no mention of it before running ‘amportal a ma installall’

Also, is ‘amportal a ma installall’ a required step? It seems that the freepbx admin portal that I installed is already online.

Anytime you run into that just type:

amportal a ma install

Like so

amportal a ma install manager

I found out that I needed to run

amportal a ma download manager

before running

amportal a ma install manager

seems to partially solve my problem.
was able to proceed with installall but so many broken modules.