AMI / CoreShowChannels

Hi there,

We’ve just changed from a very old version of Elastix (old!) to FreePBX (A 13). After manually moving data over, things work great but we’re seeing two odd behaviours and we’re trying to work out if we have missed something or if that is now “the way” things are going to show (and if there is a solution for it).

So the first is that we use the AMI to pull out the queues and show them on a wallboard. We don’t use the agent driven option as we don’t need mega real time, just an update every now and again. For one command, such as CoreShowChannels, we’d see lots of data but the ConnectedLineNum and ConnectedLineName would usually show the agent/extension who answered the call (usually from a queue) - all good there and while the call was in the queue but not answered it would have those as black i.e “”.

Now we’re seeing at all times. Both when someone is on a call from the queue and when the call is just in the queue. It never shows us the extension/name of the person who has the call.

We could filter out s just to see waiting calls but then wouldn’t see any in progress calls.

Having had a look, we can’t see any other usable AMI queries that give the extension/name.

I found:


Which seem to reference what we were seeing and are seeing now but unsure if we had the desired outcome just due to a bug which shouldn’t have happened regardless.

So if that is the expected outcome now, could anyone offer any suggestions on to getting the user name and extension back for the ConnectedLine?

Secondly, we’re seeing a new output on our Snom phones - a CalleeID which appears to just be the extension called. Normally we’d only ever see that if the call had been forwarded (i.e someone called my mobile number, which was forwarded to my desk phone - I would see the same thing but the forwarding mobile (the one in the middle) as the Callee. i.e

Caller = 0123456780
Mobile = 0987654321
Mobile Fwd to = 555555555

So if the caller, called the mobile and that forwarded to my desk phone. I would see 0987654321 as the caller and “0987654321 > 555555555” in the Callee field and that would only happen on such calls.

Now I see 1234 > 1234 (being my ext) on all calls I get both DDI and from queue. It does not impact function as far as I can see but just a small annoyance.

If anyone can offer any help or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.