AMI: Cdr event not firing

All necessary events are working but Cdr.

I’ve created /etc/asterisk/cdr_manager.conf with

enabled = yes

Then loaded from “Admin => Asterisk Module”. Applied the config and no luck.

Then tried module reload from console, got

The module ‘’ was not properly initialized. Before reloading the module, you must run “module load” and fix whatever is preventing the module from being initialized.

Then tried module load, got

Command ‘module load’ failed.
[2020-08-28 19:41:12] WARNING[27720]: cdr.c:2947 cdr_generic_register: Already have a CDR backend called ‘cdr_manager’

Rebooted the PBX and no luck so far. Can you please guide me?

Can you connect to CLI prompt, issue module unload then module load again to catch the ERROR messages ? Or check your Asterisk logs from shell prompt with grep cdr_manager /var/log/asterisk/full ?

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