AMI Action ATXFER setting Variables not working

I’m trying to set some variables on AMI atxfer action command the following way

                'Action': 'Atxfer',
                'Channel': channel_id,
                'Exten': `Local/${to}@${rec.context}`,
                'Variable': {
                    'IFI_UUID': session_id,
                    'IFI_AGENT': rec.username,
                    'IFI_DID': rec.caller_id,

The call is being transferred correctly, but newly set variables are not working, instead, it’s carry-forwarding the previous variables. Any way to set new variables by any means?

I’ve solved the issue from this discussion.

It does not seem like adding variables is supported.

Indeed, this was also posted on the Asterisk discourse at and I stated the same thing. As well Exten is being used incorrectly.

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