AMD Turion 64 Processor

Hello All,

I don’t use any AMD equipment but was looking at building a smaller sized, less expensive server for someone.
Has anyone had any experience using the AMD Turion 64 to support FreePBX?

Any issues?

If you have a “small footprint / low cost” server suggestion, please share it.


. . a “small footprint / low cost” server to serve what an to how many?

Hi dicko,

This would be for latest FreePBX and running lets say 20-35 extensions with maybe 8 - 10 calls at peak.


It wasn’t so much about the scaling and capabilities, as much as experience with that processor. I have seen a few people posting on various sites that they use Atom’s and while I can see that for a few simultaneous calls, I dont feel comfortable putting that processor as a phone system unless it’s at someones house.

For a small profile and 10 calls with no transcoding, it might easily fit into RasPBX < $100, certainly an atom based nettop < $300

AMD’s work absolutely fine, why do you worry about them?, do you need the 64 bit thing though, a 32bit kernel is probably more than enough (will run happily on Turion 64), I say this because as you add stuff, you will always find 32bit code better supported and more stable and mature, and to be honest there is little in asterisk/FreePBX that needs or uses it , if you need more than 4G of memory use a PAE kernel.

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like we are within a good spec then with that processor. Those or on the HP Microservers, which for a non rackmount install may be a great fit. Wanted to order a Rasberry Pi, this may be a fun project to try.

You will be surprised, having run [email protected] on a 333MHz i386 with 386M of memory traht worked well for 20 stations, the Raspberry beats that for 35 bucks, Asterisk is not a cpu or memory hog, the transcoding can be impactful though.